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    Facial reconstructions on a children with Crouzon Syndrome

    Back in the day many mothers left newborns like this on a drafty window sill, outside, or any way to ensure the newborns death, without it being blatant murder, which i guess it was. Crouzon syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by craniosynostosis of coronal and sagittal sutures. Crouzon syndrome is caused by mutation […] More

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    What Would Celebs Look Like If They Had Symmetrical Faces

    For years people have confidently said it: Physically symmetrical faces are more beautiful than asymmetrical faces. It’s just science, like having the ideal hip-to-waist ratio… Is it? Leonardo DiCaprio Selena Gomez Emma Watson Drake Ryan Gosling Rihanna Pharrell Katy Perry Channing Tatum Jennifer Lopez Taylor Swift Beyoncé Harry Styles Iggy Azalea Please follow and like […] More

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    These Portraits Were Made by AI

    Check out these rather ordinary looking portraits. They’re all fake. Not in the sense that they were Photoshopped, but rather they were completely generated by artificial intelligence. That’s right: none of these people actually exist. NVIDIA researchers have published a new paper on easily customizing the style of realistic faces created by a generative adversarial […] More

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    Two Cats Have Been Trolling Museum Security for Over 2 Years Now

    The resident cats (both are owned by a nearby restaurant in the neighborhood), have made a habit of hanging out by the museum’s entrance. Sometimes they’ll taunt the security guards by approaching the sliding doors while other times they merely nap close enough that the guards must remain alert. The museum’s guests and employees have […] More

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    AI-generated Portrait sold for $432 000

      “Computers are useless. They can only give answers.” Well Picasso (1881 – 1973), it’s a disagreement   The print was created by Obvious, a trio of 25-year-old French students whose goal is to “explain and democratize” AI through art. Over the past year, they’ve made a series of portraits depicting members of the fictional Belamy family, […] More

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    Russian Priest Apologizes for Gucci Photos, Says He Was Fighting for Freedom

      Tver region – Moscow, Orthodox priest is being investigated by the church after sharing his luxury lifestyle on Instagram. Instagram account which hosted the pictures was taken down, but not before social media users widely spread the pics. Source: Alexander Volkov, a spokesman for Patriarch Kirill, said on Sunday that a church disciplinary committee […] More

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    Absolute Unit Deemed Too Big for Abattoir Will Live Out Its Days Grazing

    Photograph by 7 News Sydney Photos of a giant steer have begun to circulate online as Internet citizens around the world feast their eyes on ‘Knickers’. The bovine behemoth stands 1.94 meters (6’4″) tall and weighs an astonishing 1,400 kg (3,086 lbs). According to owner Geoff Pearson, Knickers’ enormous size has spared him a one-way […] More

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    Dad Animator Illustrates His Sons Drawings and They are Stunning

    Animator and illustrator Thomas Romain found himself marvelling at his sons’ drawings. These kids are wildly more creative than anyone I’ve known when I was young. These look like an anime I’d watch for sure. He admired they’re imagination and figured as an artist himself, maybe he could embellish and build upon his sons’ originality. […] More

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    Gruesome Items Edward Gein Made From Corpses

    Serial killer Ed Gein (1906–1984) of Plainfield, Wisconsin, was the inspiration for the villains of several gruesome horror films, including Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs, and Norman Bates in Psycho. Gein’s mother, Augusta—a psychotic, manipulative, domineering religious fanatic—became a single mother after the 1940 heart attack and […] More