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    These Portraits Were Made by AI

    Check out these rather ordinary looking portraits. They’re all fake. Not in the sense that they were Photoshopped, but rather they were completely generated by artificial intelligence. That’s right: none of these people actually exist. NVIDIA researchers have published a new paper on easily customizing the style of realistic faces created by a generative adversarial […] More

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    “Traveled 300 Million Miles, Took This Pic”

    NASA/JPL-Caltech The Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC), located on the robotic arm of NASA’s InSight lander, took this picture of the Martian surface on Nov. 26, 2018, the same day the spacecraft touched down on the Red Planet. The camera’s transparent dust cover is still on in this image, to prevent particulates kicked up during landing […] More

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    Scientists Find Googly Eyes Effective at Reducing Bird/Plane Collisions

    Photograph by Anthony Boigné A new research paper published in the scientific journal PLoS One has found google eyes to be effective at reducing bird-on-plane collisions at airports. A team of scientists from Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the University of Rennes, with some help from the Airbus corporation, applied their knowledge […] More

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    NASA Scientists Find Perfectly Rectangular Iceberg in Antarctica

    Photograph by NASA NASA scientists recently spotted a perfectly rectangular iceberg floating among sea ice just off of the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica. They added that the iceberg’s sharp angles and flat surface indicate that it probably recently calved from the ice shelf. In an interview with Live Science, NASA scientist Kelly Brunt […] More